Teleport Configuration

This will go over how to install and configure Teleport.

Documentation on Teleport can be found here

AWS Command Line with MFA

This is a tutorial on how to setup your command line access to AWS while using multi-factor authentication.

Wazuh CloudTrail

How to setup CloudTrail and then inject it into Wazuh.

Wazuh Notifications

Configure Wazuh to send alerts when an alert is triggered.

AWS Access Token Age Checker

Python script that checks the age of AWS IAM access keys and disabled them if they are paste the defined expiration. It has been build in a way that can be automatically called in an AWS Lambda function.

AWS Cognito MFA

MFA is not configured by default when using the AWS Cognito web UI.

The following script will setup a user account, setup MFA for the user, and return a temporary password.