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TryHackMe 'Frank and Herby try again.....'

This walk through of TryHackMe room “Frank and Herby try again…..” goes over how to escape from a container to take over the underlying node.

This room is a sequel of Frank & Herby make an app which is also Kubernetes themed.

2024 Northeast CCDC

This post goes over some of our methodology & rationale when we created this year’s (2024) Northeast Collegiate Cyber Defense League competition environment.

Topics that I’m planning to cover

I also have another post going through the CTF challenges we released

K8s LAN Party

Warning Spoilers!

This walkthrough goes over the 5 Kubernetes LAN Party challenges created by

TryHackMe 'Frank & Herby make an app'

Learn how the misconfiguration of containers can lead to opportunities for some and disasters for others.

TryHackMe Insekube

Exploiting Kubernetes by leveraging a Grafana LFI vulnerability

ArgoCD GitHub SSO

This post goes over how to setup single sign on ArgoCD. I use GitHub for the OAuth client but any client should also work.

EKS Cluster Games

Warning Spoilers!

This walkthrough goes over the 5 EKS Cluster Game challenges created by


This post go over the installation, basic resource, and a use cases of Tekton Pipelines.

More information can be found on there website